Thursday, 7 June 2012

7.6.2012 Quickies

Sometimes there's no time to write a new article but I'd still like to comment on a few things that have been going on in football. Which is what "Quickies" are all about. Anyway, here are some thoughts for the day:

Manolo Preciado - Rest in peace and sincerest condolences to his family. Sid Lowe, Guardian football writer legend, wrote a brilliant piece on Preciado's struggles with Sporting Gijón in January which started off with: "His wife died, his son too, and then his father passed away. He got knocked down but he got up again. And again. And again." Forget about who Manolo Preciado was going to manage, it doesn't matter. Life can be cruel.

Roy Hodgson - He should get on the phone to Don Fabio Capello and share a grumble. Capello quit over interference from the English FA on the subject of John Terry's captaincy. Uncle Roy is being battered over overlooking Rio Ferdinand. Conventional thought was that a manager should be allowed to manage even if onlookers don't agree with it. Rio Ferdinand and John Terry in the same squad would possibly poison the atmosphere in the camp so only one could go to the Euros this summer. Footballing reasons would surely include squad harmony and why should anyone expect Roy Hodgson to mention the issue any more than he should? Harsh on Rio maybe but part of a manager's job is making tough decisions. Let's see how this plays out this summer...

Shirt sales - I'm not a defender of Manchester United but if any club signed an attacking player who was integral to the best side in one of Europe's top three leagues, for two consecutive years, supporters would be happy. If he can sell shirts, they'd be even happier still. Kagawa is simply a fantastic footballer who can still get better. Typically Japanese with great technique and stamina, Shinji Kagawa will be an asset for United next season. Reasonable fee and end product to his game too. Kagawa, Nani, Valencia, Young, Rooney, Hernandez and Welbeck is a pretty good set of attacking players but central midfield needs to be improved to remain competitive at the very top.

EURO 2012 - Initial intentions were focused on writing something about black people's experiences in football with the impending big, bad, racist Euros but nah, there's plenty on the internet. Who will be triumphant? Thinking creatively here, so it'll be Spain or Germany. Then again, Italy are going through a scandal so you never know, Balotelli Barwuah for top scorer... England will be fine and meet expectations in a quarter final exit. That would constitute a good tournament from Uncle Roy's boys. England needs tactical discipline, clearly defined player roles, realistic expectations and plenty of Liverpool players of course. Roy Hodgson is the man for that job.

Brendan Rodgers - If you can't go for a knight or baron of today, why not find one for tomorrow? Whilst many Liverpool fans appreciated the good work that King Kenny did in the second half of the 2010/2011 season, last season constituted a poor league campaign. Liverpool did manage to play better football and it is  hoped that Brendan Rodgers can build on that if given time. I believe he will provide a progressive footballing philosophy which will make an impression on the club and fans. There'll be a post on this later but hope is a dangerous thing. 

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