Monday, 11 February 2013

Pick of the month: January

January's pick of the month is an interesting tactical analysis of Liverpool from EPLIndex . There's no joint award this month and even if there have been brilliant articles since the turn of the year, this one is a fantastic insight into the direction Rodgers is taking Liverpool.

Why Daniel Sturridge Solves Liverpool's Tactical Problems is more than just an analysis of what Daniel Sturridge brings to Liverpool on the pitch, it is a comprehensive overview of the changes in formation, the solutions brought by such changes and the attacking as well as defensive approaches Liverpool adopt in such a tactical arrangement. Since this article has been published, Liverpool have played in a similar way with slight modifications to Jordan Henderson's and Luis Suarez's positioning on the field. It's great reading after the away draws against Arsenal and Man City last week.

Kudos to Jed Davies otherwise known as TPiMBW.
You can find out more about Jed Davies through his site at

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